Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Planned Shrinkage and the Boogie Down Bronx

"Planned Shrinkage" - NYC municipal policy that led to the abandonment and decay of a city. For more info, check out:

(cited in Rosenthal's book)

"Roots, Ruins, Renewals: City Life After Urbicide" Village Voice, September 4th, 1984.

"A Synergism of Plagues: 'Planned Shrinkage' Contagious Housing Destruction and AIDS in the Bronx" Rodrick Wallace, Environmental Research 47.

Photo: Mel Rosenthal from In the South Bronx of America

Also, if anyone has any info on Roger Starr, NYC Administrator of Housing and Urban Development (1974-1976) and NYTimes Editorial Board (1977-92), he is rumored to be the intellectual terrorist behind planned shrinkage.