Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Rural Rent Control

while rent control in the cities is under attack, rural areas have been making advances...

Mobile Home Park Lot ‘‘Rent Control’’:
A Successful Rural Legislative Campaign
Steven Soifer, PhD

ABSTRACT. Successful legislative campaigns, especially those in rural areas, are not often reported in the literature. There are many lessons to be learned from these campaigns. This case example explores a significant legislative victory by an organization called Tenants United for Fairness-Vermont (TUFF-VT), and applies several different community organizing models in the analysis of the campaign.

Rent Control Under Attack

The brains behind Giuliani's fascist police state may have found their next victim - NYC rent control - see below for some of the work Manhattan Institute & MIT economist Pollakowski have done in their effort to dismantle rent control in NYC:
SUMMARY:This report analyzes the benefits provided by rent regulation in New York City and estimates the effects that total or partial deregulation would have on City residents. The author, Dr. Henry O. Pollakowski, finds that rent stabilization provides little benefit to residents of the outer boroughs and the lower and middle-income neighborhoods of Manhattan, while providing a substantial subsidy only to the residents of the relatively affluent areas of Lower and Mid-Manhattan. Even including those areas, it finds that the median monthly subsidy provided by rent stabilization is only $42, and moreover that the median monthly rent would rise a mere $8 under total deregulation, due to the downward pressure on rent levels the expansion of the unregulated market would create.

The Housing Question

Engels, "The Housing Question":

In the beginning, however, each social revolution will have to take things as it finds them and do its best to get rid of the most crying evils withthe means at its disposal. And we have already seen that the housing shortage can be remedied immediately by expropriating a part of the luxury dwellings belonging to the propertied classes and by quartering workers in the remaining part.


Monday, June 20, 2005

1950s urban america in technocolor

From the Bianchi bros - another great link from Indiana Universities digital library -- there are some really amazing photos here - browse chicago or his ethnographic series for starters